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Intelliwave Fiber

Intelliwave Fiber delivers the fastest broadband speeds available in the nation right to your front door. How do we do it? Intelliwave Fiber is delivered to your home or office over brand new strands of glass rather than the ancient copper technology of the old phone and cable company systems.

How would it feel to have so much Internet capacity that you don’t even know how to use it all? Do you want to fully experience your HD and 4K TV? Come inside and explore what Intelliwave Fiber Optic Broadband can bring to your home media experience.

How Intelliwave Fiber Represents a Better Way of Experiencing Internet & TV in Southern Ohio

Internet Speeds over 1000 Mbps
Unlimited Data
Crystal Clear HD TV- 200 Plus Channels
Whole house DVR - Record and Watch from Any TV
Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling
Honest Pricing - Always know what you are getting and what you are paying for it!

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Honest Pricing?

At Intelliwave we believe in a square deal. Intelliwave Internet, Television and Voice are sold to you with honest and transparent pricing. We don’t create confusing bundles that result in you not having any idea how much you are paying for what service. Instead, our pricing is as simple as 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. Choose your data plan, choose your video plan and choose your voice plan. Add them all together and that is your price today and for your entire contract term. That is our Honest Pricing guarantee. No bundles, no hidden fees and no surprises!

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Where and When Can I get it?

Where We Are Now

  • The Village of Amanda, Ohio
  • Commercial Point, Ohio 
  • Madison and Hocking Townships

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Coming Soon!

  • Click Here to see the status of our current project – Hocking-Madison TWPs

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