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So What is Fiber Optic Broadband?

Fiber to the home (FTTH) or Fiber to the premise (FTTP) refers to a method of delivering data, video and voice utilizing light waves carried on glass fibers. Traditional broadband services are delivered over legacy copper cables. Many DSL services are still trying to push data through voice grade copper lines put into service decades ago. Cable companies also use copper cabling to deliver service. The old copper technology simply cannot continue to meet the demands of even the average household users. Glass is just better than copper. When Intelliwave brings fiber to your home we use newly installed fiber optic cables. Fiber can deliver multiple gigabits of data, video and voice. Fiber Optics are the best bet to meet your broadband needs today and into the foreseeable future. Out with the old, in with the NEW!

Is Fiber New?

fiber_4Fiber Optics is not a new technology. Fiber has been transporting massive quantities of voice and Internet data for decades. What is new is the concept of bringing fiber service all the way to your door. In the past fiber existed only in the domain of massive networks and massive businesses. And let’s face it, in years past, the old copper wires carried enough data to meet the average household need for bandwidth. But technology demand travels at the speed of light! What was sufficient 10 years ago, or even 2 years ago, is not sufficient today. Intelliwave fiber isn’t re-inventing the wheel – we are using tested, tried and true technology. Our innovation is the delivery of the product directly to your door.

Who else offers Fiber to the home?

Well, there is this little company named Google. Have you heard of Google Fiber? Verizon FiOS? This is the same technology that we are bringing to your door. How can that be? How is it possible that here in rural Ohio you are getting the same technology that people are getting in Atlanta, Austin, Kansas City etc… ? The answer is that Intelliwave Fiber does not already have millions of dollars invested in old cables that we have to maintain. We have a fresh start – so we are “leapfrogging” over the old infrastructure and installing the latest and greatest.

Why Southern Ohio?

Why bring this service to rural Southern Ohio? So glad you asked! Southern Ohio is where we have lived and invested our resources for 20 years. Intelliwave has been delivering wireless broadband to rural residents throughout this region for the last 15 years. Before that Intelliwave’s owners operated one of the first dial up Internet services in Southern Ohio. This is what we do! We serve the hard to reach areas. We serve the people and places that are ignored by the phone and cable companies. This is our mission and what drives us every single day to keep innovating, investing and expanding in this region.

Do you deliver TV and Voice over fiber as well?

fiber_optic_3Yes! Because fiber has such tremendous capacity, we are able to deliver the highest quality HDTV available in the Nation. Intelliwave offers you a 200 channel line up including local stations and all of the other great programming you enjoy, including HBO, ESPN and Disney.  To round out our service we also offer unlimited local and long distance calling.

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